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Dreamchaser Camp Testimonials

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Ted ArcherTed Archer

I can't believe how much I learned--and how quickly. After a short period of time, I'm running further (and am able to walk the next morning!)

Georgia Stansell

Georgia Stansell

Out of shape and exhausted I arrived at camp thinking I would return to work with sore quads, blistered toes and be even more tired...I was wrong!

Tess GeddesTess Geddes

In spite of the different levels of running abilities of the campers, Lisa and Jay managed to get everyone going and pushing at their own pace.

Paul Carriero

Paul Carreiro

If you are looking for a running camp, trail or ultra, you will not find a better one.

Bob BeckerBob Becker

MdS was my first ultra, and I had no idea what to expect. That camp was very effective in preparing me mentally.

Becky Clements

Becky Clements

The Teton camp was an absolutely amazing experience, from all aspects.

Joe DeSenaJoe DeSena

I was challenged in new ways and went home with new ideas and ways to push my limits.

Bob GentileBob Gentile

Like anything in life, if you want to get good in any specific area, you have to find a way to learn from those who have done what you want to do... camp will significantly reduce your learning curve.

Joe GaliotoJoe Galioto

Lisa is as genuinely enthusiastic about the participant who wants to run around the world as she is for the person whose goal it is to complete the local 5K.

Ed MafoudEd Mafoud

I enrolled in her camp so I could receive face to face instruction in the anticipation of more improvements in my distance running.

Aran GordonAran Gordon

Whatever [your] race might be, [you] will be met with incredible insight and care by two of the most wonderful people in the running world.

Clayton SmithClayton Smith

I would highly recommend Lisa's camps to anyone, regardless of their level of fitness or the insanity of their goals.

Nattu NatrajNattu Natraj

I highly recommend attending Lisa's camps. You will get your money's worth and more.

Steve WolkSteve Wolk

Their availability to address everyone's individual situations made for a great learning experience.

George VelascoGeorge Velasco


At camp, Lisa pushes my back just a tiny bit and suddenly I am POWER walking instead of just plain walking.

Darren WortsTerry Madl

I have been to camps with Lisa and Jay in Death Valley and the Galapagos Islands. Both were extraordinary experiences.

Mike WestonMike Weston

It was a great camp, and a huge part of that was the people. Lisa, Jay, and Colleen are great people, willing to open their homes, their lives, and their love and knowledge of running ...


For me, camp was an opportunity to learn skills that have helped
me get stronger and faster. I learned valuable things about nutrition
and flexibility...

Andy BoydAndy Boyd

Dreamchasers' Camp is our golden opportunity to meet new friends and renew old friendships with people who have a common interest in excellence in sports and living life to the fullest.

Joe JohnsonJoe Johnson

My first visit to Death Valley was to attend Jay an Lisa's MDS camp. Met and roomed with Terry Madl. Spent the next four days running and laughing in the desert together.

Colleen WoodsColleen Woods

A friend ... assured me my experience would be both beautiful and memorable. He was so right.

Darren WortsDarren Worts

Whether you are training for a big race/ event or looking for a get-away weekend to enjoy the great outdoors, I would personally recommend this to anyone.

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