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Local Race Updates!


Please join us this Saturday, July 3rd at Grand Targhee for the Wrun for Wray  - Targhee Hill Climb.  The 2.7 mile race starts at the Plaza at Grand Targhee Resort at 1:30pm and climbs almost 1900 feet to the top of Fred’s Mountain.  Proceeds from the event will benefit the Wray Landon Legacy Fund at the Teton Regional Land Trust.  Registration is available on-line at or on race day on the Plaza at noon.  We hope to see you there.


Registration for the Grand Teton Races is currently open.  The events take place over Labor Day weekend, September 4-5.  Register by Wednesday, June 30th to take advantage of the lowest entry fees.  You can register for one of these family-friendly races on-line via

Please email us with any questions: info AT

Run Hope Through America Returns Home

You’re invited to the grand finale of Lisa’s fundraiser!  She’s almost finished and will be back in the Tetons tomorrow, Friday, June 17.  If you have time, please come out to say hello at any of the following venues!  Look for the RHTA RV!

Friday, June 18th (Jackson Hole/ Teton Village, WY)

Hotel Terra at the Teton Village Commons, WY

Start Time: 5:30am and finishes at Shooting Star Alpine Barn

Saturday, June 19th (Teton Springs Resort)

Start Time: 5:30am: Driving Range at Headwaters Golf Course at Teton Springs Resort, Victor, ID

Saturday Victor Town Rally

Come cheer for Lisa with participating businesses and community members as she marches through town!

Rally Time: 4 pm at Victor Valley Market in Victor, Idaho

Saturday Lisa’s Arrival at the Final Finish Line (Family-Friendly Party)

Start Time: 5:30pm

Food, vendor booths, kids activities and entertainment at the Historic Spud Drive-In.

Than you to the Run Hope Through America sponsors & local state captains:

Hotel Terra Jackson Hole; Teton Springs Foundation; Jule of the Orient; Shooting Star Jackson Hole; HG Photography; Spud Drive-In Teton Valley Idaho; Patricia Moeller (WY); Deb Hinkley (ID); Tammy Brown (MT)

For more information:

Call Deb Hinkley at 425-281-4343 or to donate

Warm Weather Training (we hope)

Even though rain and snow still fall from the sky in the Tetons, we hold out hope that summer is soon on its way. With the warm temperatures, it is important to adjust our fueling and hydration routines. Salt is a critical component to any warm/hot weather training. salt

Sodium (salt) intake is a confusing matter these days with searches leading to multiple schools of thoughts. Some claim low sodium intake is best, others encourage it. How do you decide what will work best for you? How much sodium do you need during training and racing?
Step 1: Determine your hydration levels and how much sodium you lose during a work out. One simple test is to pinch your skin. If your skin returns to its place, you are hydrated and do not need additional sodium. If your skin remains standing and pinched, you are dehydrated. Add sodium.

Step 2: Examine the fueling products you already use. Are they high or low sodium? Be aware that some products list only sodium chloride; this is not the true sodium because it includes the amount of chloride. You are looking for just the amount of sodium. Here are sodium levels of a few common products:
HEED: 39 mg    HEED Enduralytes: 40 mg      GU: 350 mg      Salt Sticks: 215 mg

Step 3: Look at other factors. How acclimated to heat are you? What is your fitness level? How much water do you drink during workouts?

Step 4: Experiment with sodium intake during your training. Any workout over two hours should include some sodium intake. The personal question is how much.

Salt is essential to our bodies. As athletes, the correct amount of sodium will minimize heat stress and reduce muscle cramping. Pass the salt, please!