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2011 MDS / 2010 MDS

We have posted the lottery winners for the 2011 MDS. Please click here to see if your name was selected. If your name was not selected, please keep in mind that your name was automatically added to the waiting list and many spots could open up in January.

Also, if anyone is interested in participating in the 2010 MDS, which is the 25th Anniversary of the event, please contact Jay immediately (before Wednesday, 4 November), via email at jay at dreamchaserevents.com about available spots in this race!

2011 MDS Pre-registration Lottery

If you are interested in participating in the 2011 Marathon Des Sables, please visit the following link for instructions on how to enter your name in the pre-registration lottery:

Please contact us with any questions: info@dreamchaservents.comLOGO MDS


The official DVDs for the 2009 MDS should be arriving soon.  We are waiting for replacement DVDs to arrive from France as the original versions provided by AOI were unreadable.  As soon as these arrive we’ll send a copy to all 2009 participants, along with Finisher Certificates and a copy of the official race results.  Thank you for your patience!